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Thanks for visiting my site!


I am always evolving as an artist and entrepreneur. It's important for me to challenge myself with new ideas and concepts. I also love to add whimsy and fun to my pieces. 


For eight years I have worked as a fine jewelry designer, and before that, as an interior designer.  My jewelry collection,Doryn Wallach Jewelry, was inspired by the Art Deco period as well as architecture and home decor. I won some exciting awards* for my jewelry and saw my creations featured in many publications, including Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. My jewelry was also featured in a major motion picture starring Emma Thompson.

Shortly before lockdown, I launched a podcast called It’s Not a Crisis.** I produced over 50 episodes and built a fan base that grew to 25,000 followers. Along the way I engaged in dozens of eye-opening and inspiring conversations with women in their 40s who, like me, are beginning to reconsider their definition of success. 

My passion has always been fine art and I have recently started focusing my artwork on the idea of embracing imperfection (inspired by the wonderful women I have met through my podcast) through Kintsugi, photography, embroidery/needlepoint and gouache abstract paintings (scary for this recovering perfectionist, but love it).

My journey in these art forms is just beginning, so I hope you'll join my mailing list below and follow my progression. 


Kintsugi pieces are available for purchase at @shoplamaisonfete

*2019 Design Excellence Award in Fine Jewelry by The Accessories Council;  Emerging Designer of 2016 by Centurion Jewelry; 2016 JCK Rising Stars Editor’s Choice Award. 

“We don’t make mistakes,
just happy little accidents.”

– Bob Ross

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